a ah!; at; to; in

abandon abandon; abandoned; abandonment; to desert

abaris avarice; avaricious; avariciously; miser

abdomen abdomen; abdominal; belly

abe to have; having; to enjoy; to hold; to possess; to own; property; wealth; ~ne (abe + ne: not) without; ~re (abe: have + re: again) recover; recovered; recovering ⧫ ~ nul you are welcome; don't mention it; ~ tri ebdoma three weeks ago

Abram Abraham

abrebi to abbreviate; abbreviatory; abbreviation; brief; summary

abriko apricot

absob to absorb; absorbable; absorbent; absorption

absolu absolutness; absolute; absolutely; ~ne (absolu + ne: not) concrete; concretely; concreteness

adberbi adverb; adverbial; adverbially

admira admire; admiration; admiring; admiringly

ador to adore; adorable; adorably; adoration; to worship

adulter adultery; adulterine; adulterously

aer air; aerial; to aerate

Afganistan Afghanistan

Afrika Africa

agita to agitate; to shake; to wave; wavering; waveringly

agres aggressive; aggression; to conquer

agri (agriculture) field; domain; country; ~biti (agri + biti: vine) vineyard; ~erbi (agri + erbi: herb) meadow

aguila Aguila; aquiline; eagle

ajur azure; blue; blueness

akanto acanthoid; thorn; thorny

akaus (a: at + kaus: cause) because; thanks to

akiri to acquire; acquisitive; acquisition; to buy; to purchase

aksep to accept; acceptable; acceptably; acceptance; to regard; to assume; ~berita (aksep + berita: verity) to recognize; recognizable; recognition; ~in (aksep + in: inside) to admit; admissible; admissibly; admission; ~ne (aksep + ne: not) to deny; deniable; denial; to exclude; to refuse; to repudiate

akti (actinism) ray; to radiate; radiating; radiation

akto to act; action; active; actively; to behave; proceeding; ~anti (akto + anti: against) to react; reactive; reaction; ~arme (akto + arme: arm) armament; ~ben (akto + ben: good) virtue; virtuous; virtuously; ~destra (akto + destra: right) righteousness; ~filo (akto + filo: friend) friendship; love; attachment; ~institut (akto + institut: organize) composition; ~judi (akto + judi: just) justice: Dom Internasion ot *~judi International Court of Justice; Dom Mutane ot *~judi Internasion Permanent Court of International Justice Dom ot *~judi Court of Justice; ~medi (akto + medi: mediate) mediation; ~reson (akto + reson: argue) argument; ~sine (akto + sine: move) movement; ~tero (akto + tero: fly) flight; ~uni (akto + uni: meet) meeting

akusa to accuse; accusable; accusation

Alaska Alaska

Albani Albania

alegro (allegro) delightful; delightfulness; to delight; to rejoice; to pleasure; pleasurably ⧫ ~ in enjoy

alimen to aliment; alimental; alimentation; food; to nourish; ~sukar (alimen + sukar: sugared) dessert

Aljeri Algeria

alkol alcohol; alcoholic; alcoholize; ~ eksnatur methylated spirit

Amerika America; American; to Americanize

amon almond

analis analysis; to analyse; analytic; analytically

anana pineapple

andro (androgyne) man; manful; manfully; to man; male; gentleman; sir; ~abe (andro + abe: have) owner; ~agri (andro + agri: field) husbandman; farmer; peasant; ~akto (andro + akto: act) actor; *~amerika American; *~argentina Argentine; ~arme (andro + arme: army) soldier; ~asia Asian; ~besti (andro + besti: clothes) tailor; ~bestigine (andro + besti: clothes + gine: woman) milliner; ~bisines businessman; ~bisini (andro + bisini: vicinity) neighbour; ~brabo (andro + brabo: brave) hero; ~defen defender; lawyer; ~denti dentist; ~desin (andro + desin: to draw) designer; ~dom (andro + dom: dwell) inhabitant; population; ~don (andro + don: give) bestower; ~eksnasion (andro + eksnasion: foreign) foreigner; ~espedi (andro + espedi: send) sender; ~emo (andro + emo: blood) relative; ~ergo (andro + ergo: work) worker; workman; ~eror (andro + eror: sin) sinner; ~esusa (andro + es: to be + usa: employ) employee; ~fabor (andro + fabor: favour) favorite; ~fakto (andro + fakto: create) creator; ~faktopasi (andro + fakto: do + pasi: peace) peacemaker; ~fide (andro + fide: trust) trustee; ~frut (andro + frut: success) successful; ~fume (andro + fume: smoke) smoker; ~gamo (andro + gamo: marry) husband; ~gamone (androgamo + ne: not) widow; ~gamonere (androgamo + nere: not yet) bachelor; ~gardi (andro + gardi: guard) guardian; ~graf (andro + graf: write) author; ~graffoto (andrograf + foto: light) photographer; ~grup (andro + grup: group) member; ~instruk (andro + instruk: teach) teacher; professor; master; ~joelo (andro + joelo: jewel) jeweller; ~judi (andro + judi: judge) judge; ~jurnal journalist; ~kantik (andro + kantik: sing) singer; ~kapila (andro + kapila: hair) hairdresser; ~karni (andro + karni: flesh) butcher; ~kimi (andro + kimi: chemistry) chemist; ~kon (andro + kon: with) fellow; companion; ~kulina (andro + kulina: to cook) cook; ~laba (andro + laba: wash) laundryman; ~logo (andro + logo: speak) orator; ~logofutur (andro + logo: speak + futur: future) prophet; ~mari (andro + mari: sea) seaman; ~masin (andro + masin: machine) mechanic; ~masingraf: andro + masingraf: type) typist; ~masintem (andro + masintem: watch) watchmaker; ~medisin doctor; ~multi (andro + multi: many) crowd; ~musik musician; ~optik optician; ~orti (andro + orti: garden) gardener; ~pai (andro + pai: pay) purser; ~pani (andro + pani: bread) baker; ~paso (andro + paso: go) passenger; ~pisi (andro + pisi: to fish) fisherman; ~pitures (andro + pitures: picture) painter; ~polibiblo (andro + poli: sell + biblo: book) bookseller; ~polis policeman; ~porta (andro + porta: carry) porter; ~posta postman; ~protekpod (andro + protekpod: shoe) shoemaker; ~resep (andro + resep: receive) addresse; ~sekbilet (andro + sek: check + bilet: ticket) ticket collector; ~sefal (andro + sefal: manage) manager; ~serbis (andro + serbis: service) servant; waiter; ~siense scientist; ~sofi (andro + sofi: wise) learned man; ~studi student; disciple; ~tekni technician; engineer; ~tomi (andro + tomi: cut) surgeon; ~unine (andro + uni: unite + ne: not) dissenter

angel angel; messenger; angelic; angelically

Angola Angola

anke haunch; hip

ankora anchor; to anchor; akto~ anchorage

ante to precede; precedent; precedence; previous; previously; before; facing; opposite; in front; forwards; ~bsera (ante + bsera: yesterday) day before yesterday; ~fas (ante + fas: face) north; northern; northwards; ~medijur (ante + medijur: noon) morning; in the morning; ~medijur saftra tomorrow morning; ~sefal (ante + sefal: head) forehead; ~sip (ante + sip: ship) bows; ~tem (ante + tem: time) soon; early; shortly; ~tem poste soon after; ~tuta (ante + tuta: all) first of all

anti contrary; contrarily; contrariety; to object; to preclude; to withstand; to oppose; ~idro (anti + idro: water) waterproof; ~plubi (anti + plubi: rain) umbrella

antrop (anthropologist) man; human; humanly; one; ~emo (antrop + emo: blood) kinsfolk; ~fakto (antrop + fakto: make) artifice; artificial; artificially; ~ne (antrop + ne: not) inhumanity; inhuman; inhumanly; ~nul (antrop + nul: nothing) nobody; none; ~tuta (antrop + tuta: all) whosoever

anu annual; year; yearly; ~dansi (anu + dansi: leap) leapyear; ~neo (anu + neo: new) new year

anus anus

apela appellation; to call; calling; to convene; convenable; to convoke; to invoke

aperten to appertain; to belong; belongings; to fall within

api (apiculture) bee

aplaud to applaud; applause; to praise; praiseworthy; praiseworthily; ~auto (aplaud + auto: self) to boast; boast; bostful; boastingly; ~eks (aplaud + eks: out) flattery; to flatter; flattering; flatteringly

aposto apostle; apostolic; apostolically

Arabi Arabia; Arabian; ~ Saudi Saudi Arabia; Saudi Arabian

arbor arbor; arboreal; tree; wood; wooden

ardor ardour; ardent; ardently; zeal; serious

Argentina Argentine

aribe arrival; to come; come; coming; event; to happen; ~ben (aribe + ben: well) welcome; to welcome; welcome; ~in (aribe + in: in) income; revenue; ~re (aribe + re: again) to return; returnable; return; to come back ⧫ ~ in forse to come into force

arka arc; bow; ~plubi rainbow

arkif archives; record; document; documentary; to document

arme army; to arm; military; militarily; ~aer (arme + aer: air) air force; ~mari (arme + mari: sea) navy; ~stop (arme + stop: stop) garrison; garrisoned

arteri artery; arterial; to arterialize

artiklo article

artro (arthritis) joint; jointed; ~mero (artro + mero: thigh) knee; to kneel

aserbi acerb; acerbity; ~tele (aserbi + tele: very) bitter; bitterly; bitterness; to embitter

asfal asphalt; tar; to tar

asi axis; axle

Asia Asia; Asian

asid acid; to acidify; sour

asista to assist; assistant; assistance; to help; constructive; constructively; subordinate; subsidiary; to contribute; ~medisin to nurse; nursing

aspi (aspidocephaly) shield; to shield

asurau (a: a + sura: till + u: u) alphabet; alphabetic; alphabetically

atak to attack; attackable; attack

atentif attention; attentive; attentively; to care; to give heed; to take account of; cautious; due account being taken; consideration; ~ne (atentif + ne: not) to neglect; neglectful; neglectfully; to neglect; to overlook; to pass over

atesta to attest; attestation; to certify; to witness

atom atom; atomic; to atomize

Auai Hawai; Hawaian

Australi Australia; Australian

Austria Austria; Austrian

auto auto; self; own; proper

autorite power; to authorize; powerful; powerfully; capacity; competence; to permit; ~ne (autorite + ne: not) to prohibit; prohibitive; prohibition; to forbid


babel babel; to trouble; troublesome; troublesomely; troublesomeness; confused; to disturb; to bore

bagaj baggage; luggage

bagon wagon; to coach; ~dormi (bagon + dormi: sleep) sleeping-wagon; ~fag (bagon + fag: eat) diningcar

bai bay

balbo valve; valvate

bale vale; valley

bali (ballistics) to throw

Balkan the Balkans; Balkan; to Balkanize

balkon balcony

balor value; valuable; to value; be worth; worthily; merit; quality; ~maga (balor + maga: great) precious; preciously; important; importance; ~selek (balor + selek: elect) eligibility; eligible; eligibly

bane balneary; bath; to bathe

banka bank; bankable; to bank

bapor vapour; vaporous; to vaporize; to evaporate; ~idro (bapor + idro: water) mist; misty

bapti to baptize; baptism; baptismal; to sink; to dive

basi basis; origin; original; originally; to originate; main; primary; principal; fundamental; chiefly; to found; bottom; ~flas (basi + flas: flash) sparkingplug; ~idro (basi + idro: water) fountain; spring; ~pod (basi + pod: foot) sole

basin basin; bowl

batal (battalion) to battle; war; warlike; to beat; to strike; to hit; to knock (at door); to struggle (for life); ~pod (batal + pod: foot) to kick; kick

baton baton; rod; stick

begeta vegetable; vegetarian; vegetables; to vegetate

beil veil; sail; to sail

bel belle; beauty; beautiful; beautifully; to beautify; pretty; to decorate; ~ne (bel + ne: not) ugly; uglily; ugliness

Belgika Belgium; Belgian

belo velocity; speedy; speedily; to speed; prompt; to hurry; quick; ~ne (belo + ne: not); slow; slowly; slowness; to slow

ben benevolence; benevolent; benevolently; good; kind; well; ~kia (ben + kia: what) even; albeit; though; ~ne (ben + ne: not) bad; to injure; injurious; injuriously; injury; evil; wicked; to offend; to impair; prejudice; ~plus (ben + plus: more) to amend; amendable; amendment; progress; progressive; progressively; improvement; rather; to edify

Benesuela Venezuela; Venezuelan

beni benidiction; happy; happily; glad; to satisfy; weal; fortunate; ~kon (beni + kon: with) to congratulate; congratulation; congratulatory; ~konne (benikon + ne: not) to envy; envious; enviously; envy; jealous; ~ne (beni + ne: not) unhappy; unhappily; unhappiness; accident; scourge; distress; to distress; unfortunate; ~nekon (benine + kon: with) to console; consolation; compassion; compassionately; mercy; ~nemaga (benine + maga: big) disaster; disastrous; disastrously ⧫ mi es ne ~ I am sorry

benjanse vengeance; vengeful; revengefully; to revenge

benti to ventilate; ventilation; wind; windy; ~maga (benti + maga: big) storm; stormy; stormily; to storm

berba verb; verbal; verbally

berdi verdant; green

berita verity; veritable; veritably; to realize; authentic; in fact; indeed; in sooth; virtually; true

bertebra vertebra; vertebral

besti (vest) clothes; to clothe; ~eks (besti + eks: out) overcoat; ~fag (besti + fag: eat) napkin; ~fas (besti + fas: face) towel; ~gardi (besti + gardi: preserve) apron; ~komple (besti + komple: complete) suit; ~mani (besti + mani: hand) glove; ~mensa (besti + mensa: table) table-cloth; ~ne (besti + ne: not) naked; nakedly; nakedness; ~plubi (besti + plubi: rain) raincoat; ~pod (besti + pod: foot) sock; stocking; ~rino (besti + rino: nose) handkerchief; ~sefal (besti + sefal: head) hat; ~steto (besti + steto: breast) waistcoat; ~stofdormi (besti + stofdormi: bed) sheet; ~sub (besti + sub: below) drawers; skirt; ~sur (besti + sur: above) jacket; dress

bi (bilateral) two; second; secondly; both; ~deka bi twenty two; twenty second; ~deka uni twenty one; twenty first; ~ne (bi + ne: not) only; unique; uniquely; ~signifi (bi + signifi: meaning) ambiguous; ambiguously; ambiguity; ~tem (bi + tem: time) twice; double; doubly; to double; ~tri (bi + tri: three) few; ~tridegre (bitri + degre: degree) somewhat; ~triplas (bitri + plas: place) somewhere

bibe (bibber) to drink; drinkable; drink; ~in (bibe + in: in) to absorb; absorbable; sucking; ~multi (bibe + multi: much) drunken; drunkenly; drunkenness

biblo (bibliophile) book; bookish; ~logo (biblo + logo: word) dictionary; ~kones (biblo + kones: knowledge) encyclopedia; encyclopedic

Bietnam Vietnam; Vietnamese

bilet billet; ticket; ~aribere (bilet + aribere: return) return-ticket

bino wine; vinous

bio (biology) to live; living; liverly; life; ~ante (bio + ante: before) ancestor; ancestral; forefather; ~ben (bio + ben: well) well-being; welfare; ~dormi (bio + dormi: sleep) dream; dreamy; to dream; ~mikro (bio + mikro: small) microbe; microbial; ~re (bio + re: again) to revive; to revivify; revivification; ~unijur (bio + uni: one + jur: day) ephemera; ephemeral; ephemerally

biolen violence; violent; violently

Birma Burma; Burmese

bisikle bicycle; ~auto (bisikle + auto: self) motor-cycle

bisines business; commerce; commercial; commercially; to trade

bisini vicinity; neighbouring; neighbourly

bisit to visit; visiting; visit; to call on

biti (viticulture) vine; grapes

blasto (blastoderm) shoot; sprout

blon blond; fair

Bolibia Bolivia; Bolivian

bos to box; boxing

bote to vote; voting

botel bottle; to bottle

bobi ox; bovine; ~gine (bobi + gine: female) cow; ~idro (bobi + idro: water) buffalo

brabo bravo; courage; courageous; courageously; to encourage; bold; to dare; ~ne (brabo + ne: not) coward; cowardly

brak arm; brachial; ~skelo (brak + skelo: leg) limb; ~mari (brak + mari: sea) strait; ~besti (brak + besti: clothes) sleeve

Brama Brahma; Brahminical

Brasil Brazil; Brazilian

Briten Maga Great Britain

bros brush; to brush; ~denti tooth-brush

besera yesterday

buka mouth; buccal; ~fatig (buka + fatig: tired) yawn; yawning; to yawn; ~potam (buka + potam: river) mouth of river

Bulgari Bulgaria; Bulgarian

bus bus

butir butter; butyrous; to butter


daktil (dactylography) finger; to finger; ~bi (daktil + bi: second) index; ~kuadri (daktil + kuadri: fourth) ring-finger; ~kuinti (daktil + kuinti: fifth) little finger; ~pod (daktil + pod: foot) toe; ~tri (daktil + tri: third) middle finger; ~uni (daktil + uni: first) thumb

Danmark Denmark; Danish

dansi to dance; dancing; dance; to jump; to hop

dat date; to date

debelop to develop; development

dedus to deduce; to deduct; deductive; deductively; deduction

defek defect; defective; defectively; to fail; ~logo (defek + logo: word) dumb; dumbly; dumbness; ~optik (defek + optik: sight) blind; blindly; blindness; to blind; ~oto (defek + oto: ear) deaf; deafly; deafness; to deafen

defen to defend; defendable; defensively; defense; to resist

degre degree; gradual; gradually; to graduate

deka (decagon) ten; tenth; ~bi (deka + bi: two) twelve; twelfth; dozen; ~kuadri (deka + kuadri: four) fourteen; fourteenth; ~kuintijur (dekakuinti: fifteen + jur: day) fortnight; fortnightly; ~nona (deka + nona: nine) nineteen; nineteenth; ~okta (deka + okta: eight) eighteen; eighteenth; ~sep (deka + sep: seven) seventeen; seventeenth; ~ses (deka + ses: six) sixteen; sixteenth; ~tri (deka + tri: three) thirteen; thirteenth; ~uni (deka + uni: one) eleven; eleventh

deklara to declare; declarative; declaredly; declaration; statement

delega to delegate; delegation; to represent; representatively; ~dio (delega + dio: god) priest; priestly

delikat delicate; delicately; delicacy

deman to demand; demandable; demand; petition, question; prayer; to pray; to request; to ask; to invite; ~asista to have recourse to; recourse, to resort to; ~destra (deman + destra: right) claim; claimable; to claim; ~ide (deman + ide: idea) to consult; consulting; consultation; ~pro (deman + pro: for) intercession; to intercede; ~stof (deman + stof: material) to borrow; borrowing

demo (democracy) people; population; to people; ~autorite (demo + autorite: power) democracy; democratic; democratically; to democratize

dense dense; densely; density

denti tooth; dental; dentally; to tooth; ~orni (denti + orni: bird) beak

derma derm; dermic; skin; to skin; ~arbor (derma + arbor: tree) bark; to bark; ~fakto (derma + fakto: make) leather; leathern; to leather; ~sip (derma + sip: ship) hull

desep deception; to deceive; deceivable; guile; guileful; guilefully

desin design; to draw; picture; sketch; ~siko (desin + siko: spirit) to imagine; imaginary; imagination

desir desire; desirable; desirably; to desire; willingly; to like; to want; agreeable; tendency; ~auto (desir + auto: self) to volunteer; voluntary; voluntariness; ~dormi (desir + dormi: sleep) to fall asleep; sleepy; ~forse (desir + forse: strong) to aspire; aspiring; aspiration; ~kones (desir + kones: know) curious; curiously; curiosity; ~leban (desir + leban: high) ambitious; ambitiously; ambition; ~maga (desir + maga: great) lust; lustful; lustfully; to lust; to covet; greed; ~ne (desir + ne: not) regret; refretful; regretfully; to regret; disgust; disagreeable; ~nul (desir + nul: nothing) in spite of

destra dextral; right; on the right; due; duly; meet; meetly; ~fas (destra + fas: face) east; eastern; eastward; ~lega (destra + lega: law) jurisdiction; jurisdictional; ~ne (destra + ne: not) left; on the left; ~nefas (destrane + fas: face) west; western; westward

destruk destruction; destructive; destructively; to destroy; to ruin

det debt; indebted; bill; to owe

dia (diagonal) to cross; crossing; across; through; ~fasplan (dia + fasplan: level) level-crossing

diana (Diana) to hunt; hunting

dibina divination; divinatory; to divine; to suppose; presuming; presumingly; to guess

diet diet; dietary; to dict

diges to digest; digestible; digestion

diktio (dictyota) net; to net

Dio God, divine; divinely; ~gine (dio + gine: woman) goddess

diplomas diplomacy; diplomatic; diplomatically

direk direct; directly; direction; to direct; straight; to drive; ~ne (direk + ne: not) indirect; indirectly; indirection; ~sip (direk + sip: ship) rudder

dis here; hither; this ⧫ dis e na here and there; ot dis hence

disko dish; disk; discoid; record to dish; ~kup (disko + kup: cup) saucer; ~mikro (disko + micro: small) plate

diskus to discuss; discussion; discussible

disput to dispute; disputable; quarrel; quarrelsome; quarrelsomely

distinge to distinguish; distinct; distinctly; distinction; specific

distribu to distribute; distributable; distributively; distribution, apportionment; to spread; to divide; to stretch; to share

dok dock; to dock

dola money; monetary; to monetize; ~bibe (dola + bibe: drink) tip; to tip; ~eks inflation; to inflate; inflationary; ~mikro (dola + mikro: small) change; ~plan (dola + plan: project) budget; to budget; ~puni (dola + puni: punish) to fine; fine

dom dome; house; to house; domestic; homely; homewards; at home; address; to inhabit; to live; ~ador (dom + ador: worship) temple; ~agri (dom + agri: field) farm; ~arme (dom + arme: army) barrack; ~biblo (dom + biblo: book) library; bookshop; ~bisines shop; firm; company; ~ergo (dom + ergo: work) factory; ~fag (dom + fag: eat) restaurant; ~forse (dom + forse: strong) fortress; ~foto (dom + foto: light) light-house; ~graf (dom + graf: write) office; ~jo (dom + jo: animal) stable; to stable; ~karni (dom + karni: flesh) butcher's shop; ~konsul consulate; ~kristo (dom + kristo: Christ) cathedral; ~lakto (dom + lakto: milk) dairy; ~maga (dom + maga: big) palace; building; castle; ~medisin: hospital; to place in hospital; sanatorium; ~morta (dom + morta: dead) cemetery; ~ne (dom + ne: not) desert; to desert; ~pani (dom + pani: bread) baker's shop; ~paper (dom + paper: paper) stationer's shop; ~polis police-station; ~posta (dom + posta: post) postoffice; ~sereal (dom + sereal: cereal) barn; granary; ~simple hut; cottage; ~stop (dom + stop: stop) station; ~studi school; ~studileban (domstudi + leban: high) university; ~studiotel (domstudi + otel: hotel) boarding-house; ~tasa (dom + tasa: tax) custom-house

don donation; to give; to offer; offerable; to bestow; to confer; to grant; assigned; ~fono (don + fono: sound) bell; to ring; hooter; to hoot; ~ide (don + ide: idea) to suggest; suggestive; suggestion; to exhort; to advise; to counsel; ~libere (don + libere: free) bounteous; bounteously; bounteousness; ~logo (don + logo: word) to engage; engaging; engagingly; engagement; to pledge; to undertake; to promise; ~maga (don + maga: great) to sacrifice; sacrifical; sacrifice; ~order (don + order: order) to arrange; arrangement; to conclude; settlement; ~plutone (don + plutone: poor) alms; to give alms; ~re (don + re: back) to render; to return; returnable; return; to restore; restorable; restoration; to give back; ~stof (don + stof: thing) to lend; lending

dormi (dormitory) to sleep; sleeping; ~sola (dormi + sola: sun) sunset

dura duration; to last; lasting; lastingly; lastingness

dus (douce) smoothly; smoothness; to smooth; sweet; mild; meekness; ~ne (dus + ne: not) roughly; roughness; to rough


ebangel evangelical; evangelically; to evangelize; gospel

ebdoma hebdomadal; week; weekly ⧫ ~ sekuen next week; ~ pas last week

ebita evitable; to avoid; avoidable; avoidance

ebuli ebullient; ebullience; to boil; boiling

efek effect, effective; effectively; to effect

Efesian Ephesian

Egipto Egypt; Egyptian

eklesi ecclesiastal; ecclesiatically; church

Eklesias Ecclesiastes

ekonomi economy; economical; economically

eks exterior; exteriorly; external; outside; out; off; ~alegro (eks + alegro: joy) to offend; offensive; offensively; offensiveness; ~arme (eks + arme: arm) to disarm; disarmament; to demobilize; ~autorite (eks + autorite: permit) to forbid; to preclude; preclusive; preclusively; preclusion; to prohibit; ~balor (eks + balor: value) to invalidate; invalid; invalidly; invalidity; ~besti (eks + besti: clothes) to undress; ~bio (eks + bio: life) to kill; killing; to excecute; to slay; crime; criminally; ~buka (eks + buka: mouth) spit; to spit; ~defek (eks + defek: defect) to repair; repair; to amend; mendable; ~defen (eks + defen: defense) irresistible; irresistibly; irresistibility; ~desir (eks + desir: desire) to displease; displeasing; displeasure; ~dormi (eks + dormi: sleep) to wake; wakeful; wakefully; wakefulnes; ~fakto (eks + fakto: make) to dissolve; dissolvable; dissolution; ~gamo (eks + gamo: marry) to divorce; divorcement; ~igni (eks + igni: fire) to extinguish; extinguishable; extinguishment; ~infek (eks + infek: infection) to disinfect; disinfection; ~kober (eks + ober: cover) to uncover; ~nasion (eks + nasion: nation) foreign; abroad; ~natur (eks + natur: nature) rotten; to rot; rotteness; rotting; ~presen (eks + presen: presence) to vanish away; to disappear; disappearance; ~uni (eks + uni: united) to detach; detachable; detachment

ekstas ecstasy; ecstatic

Ekuador Ecuador; Ecuadorian

ekuator equator; equatorial

elektric electricity; electrical; electrically; to electrify

elektron electron; electronic

elemen element; elemental

elis helix; helicoid; propeller; to propel; propelling

embasad embassy

eme emetic; to vomit; vomitory; vomitting

emo (hemorrhage) blood; bloody; bloodily; to blood

Englan England; English

epato hepatic; liver

epaul (epaulet) shoulder; to shoulder

erbi herb; herbous; to herb; grass; ~umidne (erbi + umidne: dry) hay

ergo (ergatocracy) to work; workable; working; ~eks (ergo + eks: out) to work out; ~fakto (ergo + fakto: done) work; ~kon (ergo + kon: with) to cooperate; co-operative; co-operation; to collaborate

erita heritage; to inherit; inheritable; inheritably; inheritance

Eritre Eritrea; Eritrean

eror error; to err; erratic; erratically; sin; iniquity; mistake; guilty

es to be; being; ~aribe (es + aribe: come) to become; ~batal (es + batal: fight) defeat; defeatist, defeated; ~informa (es + informa: inform) to investigate; investigatory; investigation; ~latera (es + latera: side) beside; ~pato (es + pato: sick) to fall ill ⧫ es... o (es + o: or) either... or

esamin to examine; examination; to consider; considerable; considerably; consideration; to review

esersis (exercise) to apply; applicable; application; to practise; to perform

esibit to exhibit; exhibition; to indicate; indicative; to show; showy; showily; to demonstrate

eskaba to excavate; excavation; to dig

eskap to escarp; escarpment; steep

eskapa to escape; escapement; to flee; to run away

Espana Spain; Spanish

espedi expedition; to send; sending; to deliver; deliverable; ~re (espedi + re: back) to send back; to refer; referable

espek to expect; expectant; expectantly; expectance; to wait; meanwhile; ~ne (espek + ne: not) sudden; suddenly; suddenness

espul expulsion; to expel; expulsive; to chase away; to dismiss; to repulse

estam stamp; to stamp

Estoni Estonia; Estonian

estra extra; to supplement; supplementary; supplementarily; supplement

estrem extreme; extremely; extremity; to end; purpose; exceeding; conclusion ⧫ kon ~ on purpose

Etiopi Ethiopia; Ethiopian

eureka to discover; discoverable; discovery; to invent; to find

Europa Europe; European


fabor favour; favourable; favourably; to favour; to promote; privilege; sake ⧫ pro ~ please

fag (anthropophagy) to eat; eatable; eating; edible; to dine; ~ben (fag + ben: well) appetite; to appetize; appetizing

fakto fact; to do; to make; making; to build; to create; to draw up; manufacture; deed; actually; es~ (es: be + fakto) to consist; consistence; ~auto (fakto + auto: self) ipso facto; ~bel (fakto + bel: nice) polite; politely; politeness; elegant; smart; ~belne (faktobel + ne: not) rude; rudely; rudness; ~benti (fakto + benti: wind) fan; to fan; ~besti (fakto + besti: clothes) to sew; sewing; ~destra (fakto + destra: right) to adjust; adjustable; adjustment; ~eror (fakto + eror: sin) guilt; guilty; ~fide (fakto + fide: believe) to persuade; persuasive; persuasively, persuasiveness; to convince; ~forse (fakto + forse: strength) gymnastics; gymnastic; ~kones (fakto + kones: know) to explain; explanation; explantory; to interpret; ~kuren (fakto + kuren: run) to pour; ~lega (fakto + lega: law) to codify; codification; ~numer (fakto + numer: number) statistics; statistical; ~omo (fakto + omo: like) to pretend; pretended; to feign; feigned; feignedly; feigning; hypocrite; ~re (fakto + re: again) to copy; copy; ~seudo (fakto + seudo: false) counterfeit; to counterfeit; ~uni to unite

falans phalanx

falus phallus; phallic

famili family; familiar; familiarly; to familiarize; kith; intimate

fas face; facial; to face; surface; ~inmani (fas + in: inside + mani: hand) palm; ~per (fas + per: by) to encounter; encounter; ~plan (fas + plan: flat) level; to level; ~seudo (fas + seudo: false) mask; to mask

fasil facility; facile; to facilitate; easily; ~ne (fasil + ne: not) difficult; difficulty

fater father; fatherly; paternal; ~maga (fater + maga: grand) grand-father

fatig fatigue; fatiguing; tired

fe iron; ~karbon (fe + karbon: carbon) steel; to steel; ~pres (fe: iron + pres: press) flatiron; to iron

festi festival; to celebrate; ceremony; ceremonial; ceremonially; solemn

fide confide; trust; to consider; to believe; faith; ~in (fide + in: in) to depend; dependable; dependence; to suspect; suspectable; suspectedly; suspicion; incredible; doubt ⧫ in ~ ot na in faith whereof

fidel fidelity; faithful; faithfully; to devote; devotion; ; ~adio (fidel + a: toward + Dio: God) godliness; godly; ~ne (fidel + ne: not) treason; treasonable; treasonably; to betray; unfaithful

Filipi Philippian

Filipina The Philippines; Filipino

filo (philosophy) friend; friendly; to love; dear; nice; ~antrop (filo + antrop: man) humanitarian; to humanize; humanization; ~ergo (filo + ergo: work) laborious; laboriously; laboriousness; ~ne (filo + ne: not) enemy; to hate; hateful; hatefully; to detest; ~onor (filo + honor: hoour) honest; honestly; honesty; integrity; ~re (filo + re: again) to conciliate; conciliatory; conciliation; to reconcile; ~sofi (filo + sofi: wisdom) philosophy; philosophical; philosophically

finanse finance; financial; financially

fini to finish; finishing; finally; to end; to expire; expiration; ~ne (fini + ne: not) eternal; eterally; eterity; to eterize; endless

Finlan Finland; Finnish

fisa to fix; fixable; fixedly; fixedness; to cling; to attach; to lay down; to fasten; to determine; firm; stability; ~auto (fisa + auto: self) self-determination; self-governed; ~ne (fisa + ne: not) to hesitate; hesitating; hesitatingly; hesitation; ~plus (fisa + plus: more) to ratify; ratifying; ratification; to confirm

flama flame; flaming; flamingly; to flame; inflammation

flas flash; to flash; spark; sparkling; sparklingly

fleb (phlebitis) vein; veiny

flor flower; flowery; to flower; blossom

fluid fluid; fluidity

fob (xenophobe) to fear; fearful; fearfully; fearfulness; to frighten; to be afraid of; terrible; ~ergo (fob + ergo: work) lazy; lazily; laziness

folio leaf; leafy; to leaf

fono phonic; sound; sounding; to sound; tone; voice; to ring; ~babel (fono + babel: confusion) noise; noisy; noisiness; ~dormi (fono + dormi: sleep) to snore; snoring; graf~ (graf: write + fono) gramophone; ~logore (fono + logore: repeat) echo; to echo; ~mikro (fono + mikro: small) microphone; microphonous; ~ne (fono + ne: not) silent; silently; silence; ~pato (fono + pato: sick) to groan; groan; ~tele (fono + tele: far) telephone; telephonic; to telephone

forma form; formal; formally; formalize; ~plan (forma + plan: flat) platform

Formos Formose; Formosan

forse force; forcible; forcibly; to force; strong; overbearing; coercion; compulsion; ~aer (forse + aer: air) whistling; to whistle; ~auto (forse + auto: self) to strive; striving; strivingly; to exert; to try; to endeavour; effort; ~ipo (forse + ipo: horse) horse-power; ~ne (forse + ne: not) weak; weakly; weakness; to weaken; feeble

fos fox; foxy

foto light; to light; to shine; shining; bright; brightly; ~fulgur (foto + fulgur: thunder) lightning; ~ne (foto + ne: not) dark; darkly; darkness; to darken

fragmen fragment; fragmentary; piece

Franse France; French

fras sentence

frater fraternal; fraternally; to fraternize; brother; ~gine (frater + gine: woman) sister; sisterly

fraud fraud; fraudulent; fraudulently; to cheat; to trick; to swindle

frea phreatic; well

frigo frigid; frigidly; frigidity; cold; ~dus (frigo + dus: mild) cool; coolness; to cool

frit to fry; fried

frut fruit; fruitful; fruitfully; fertile; to fertilize; success; product; result; ~ben (frut + ben: well) prosperous; prosperously; prosperity; to prosper; ~jele (frut + jele: frost) jam; ~ne (frut + ne: not) in vain

fulgur (fulgurant) thunder; thundering; thunderingly; to thunder

fume (fume) to smoke; smoky; pipe~ (pipe: pipe + fume) funnel

furka (bifurcation) fork; forked; forkedly; to fork

furni to furnish; to supply; supplying; to cater

fusil (fusilier) gun

futur future


gain to gain; earnings; to win; to prevail; to attain; attainable

Galati Galatian

gamo (poligamous) to marry; marriageable; marriage; married

gardi to guard; guarded; guardedly; guard; to watch; to keep; to hold; to retain; to reserve; to cling; ~auto (gardi + auto: self) to refrain; to abstain; abstaining; ~fag (gardi + fag: eat) pantry; ~geojele (gardi + geojele: mud) mudguard; ~stofkulina (gardi + stofkulina: plates and dishes) sideboard

gas gas; gaseous; ~a (gas + a) argon; ~an (gas + an [N]) azote; azotic; ~e (gas + e [X]) xenon; ~flu (gas + flu [F]) fluor; fluorescent; ~kri (gas + kri [kr]) krypton; ~ne (gas + ne) neon; ~o (gas + o) oxygen; oxygenous; to oxygenize

gastro gastric; stomach; stomachic

gemel (gemel-ring) twin

gene genesis; to bear; born; birth; to arise; ~idro (gene + idro: water) hydrogen; hydrogenous; to hydrogenate; ~poste (gene + poste: after) descendant; to descend; descendent; akto~ generation

geo (geology) earth; earthen; earthward; to earth; world; land; landing; ~jele (geo + jele: frost) mud; muddy; muddily; ~pater (geo + pater: father) native land; native; ~plan (geo + plan: flat) plain; ~seram (geo + seram: ceramics) clay; clayey; to clay

Germani Germany; German

gesti gesture; to gesture

Gine Guinea; Guinean

gine (gynecology) woman; womanly; to effeminize; female; lady; ~gamo (gine + gamo: married) wife; wifely; ~kapila (gine + kapila) hairdresser; ~kulina (gine + kulina) cook; ~samber (gine + samber: room) chambermaid

gigan giant; gigantic

glandu gland; glandulous

glob globe; globate; to globe; ~lampa (glob + lampa: lamp) bulb

glori glory; glorious; gloriously; to glorify; splendour

goberna to govern; government; governmental; administrative; to rule; ~auto (goberna + auto: self) selfgoverning; autonomous; autonomy

gom gum; India-rubber; eraser; elastic; elastically

goni (heptagon) angle; angular; angularly; corner; to corner

graf (biographer) to write; written; writing; ~fono (graf + fono: voice) gramophone; ~geo (graf + geo: earth) geography; geographical; geographically; ~in (graf + in: in) engrave; engraving; ~memor (graf + memor: memory) record; to record; ~numer (graf + numer: number) to register; registration; ~peri (graf + peri: about) to describe; descriptive; description; ~tele (graf + tele: far) to telegraph; telegraphic; telegraphically; telegraphy; telegram

gram gramme; to weigh; weighty; weightily; weight; heavy; ~mil (gram + mil: thousandth) miligramme; ~ne (gram + ne: not) light; lightly; lightness; to lighten; ~senti (gram + senti: hundredth) centigramme

gras grace; graceful; gracefully; thanks; ~ne (gras + ne: not) scandal; scandalous; scandalously; scandalize

Gres Greek

grup group; party; herd; to herd; collective; collectively; ~leban (grup + leban: high) heap; to heap; ~osteo (grup + osteo: bone) skeleton; ~sekretar (grup + sekretar: secretary) secretariat ⧫ pris ~ ot to side with;

Guatemala Guatemala; Guatemalan

gusta to gust; gustation; to taste; tasteful; tastefully; tasting

guta drop; numer~ (numer: count + guta) dropper


ia yes

ide idea; ideal; to idealize; mind; to think; to attribute; to deem; ~basi (ide + basi: origin) initiative; to initiate; ~ben (ide + ben: well) to approve; approvable; approval; approvingly; ~parti (ide + parti: part) partial; partially; partiality; onesided; ~partine (ideparti + ne: not) impartial; impartially; impartiality; ~serius (ide + serius: serious) to contemplate; contemplative; to mediate

idol idol; idolatrous; idolatrously; to idolize; ador~ (ador: worship + idol) idolatry

idro (hydrometry) water; to water; ~graf (idro + graf: write) ink; inky; ~jele (idro + jele: frost) snow; snowy; to snow; ice; iced; ~optik (idro + optik: eye) tear; tearful; tearfully; to weep

Iemen Yemen; Yemenite

igni to ignite; ignitable; fire; to burn

ili he; him; she; her; it; ~auto (ili + auto: self) himself; ot ili his; her; hers; its

ilis they; them; ot ilis their; theirs; ~auto (ilis + auto: self) themselves

imped to impede; to prevent; preventive; preventively; prevention; to hinder

imper empire; imperial; imperially

in in; inside; interior; indwelling; internal; internally; ~brak (in + brak: arm) to embrace; embracement; ~ergo (in + ergo: work) qualified; can; may; be able to; energetic; energetically; competence; to enable; ~ergoes (inergo + es: be) may be; perhaps; ~geo (in + geo: earth) burial; to bury; ~grup (in + grup: group) membership; ~tem (in + tem: time) while

independen independence; independent; independently

Indi India; Indian

Indonesia Indonesia; Indonesian

infan infant; infantlike; child; childish; childishly; ~andro (infan + andro: male) son; boy; boyish; ~bobi (infan + bobi: ox) calf; ~gine (infan + gine: female) girl; girlish; girlishly; daughter; ~mikro (infan + mikro: small) grandchild

infek to infect; infectious; infectiousness

informa to inform; information; to inquire; inquiring; inquiringly; inquiry; to notify; to notice; message; news; tidings; ~ante (informa + ante: before) to warn; warning; ~suje (informa + suje: subject) predicate; ~peril (informa + peril: danger) alarm; alarming; alarmingly; to alarm

injek to inject; injection

insek insect; worm; wormy; ~foto (insek + foto: light) glow-worm; ~derma (insek + derma: skin) louse; lousy; lousily

institut institute; to organize; organization

instruk to instruct; instructive; instructively; instruction; to teach; to educate

insulta to insult; insulting; insultingly; insult; abuse

inter between; among; ~nasion (inter + nasion: nation) international; to internationalize; internationally; internationalization

interes interest; interestingly; to interest; benefit; profit; advantage; to concern; ~auto (interes + auto: self) selfish; selfishly; selfishness; ~autone (interesauto + ne: not) disinterested; disinterestedly; disinterestedness; ~ne (interes + ne: not) harmful; harmfully; harm; to harm; damage; injury; ~nul (interes + nul: nothing) indifferent; indifferently; indifference

intestin intestine; intestinal; bowels

ipo hippie; horse

ipotek hypothec; hypothecary; to hypothecate; to pawn

Irak Irak; Iraqi

Iran Iran; Iranian

Irlan Ireland; Irish

Isai Isaiah

Isak Isaac

Iselan Iceland; Icelandic

Ispaniola Hispaniola

Israel Israel; Israelite

isto (hystology) tissue; web; ~basidenti (isto + basi: basis + denti: tooth) gum

istori history; historical; historically; story; to relate

Italia Italy; Italian

Iugoslabi Yugoslavia; Yugoslav


Jak James

Jakob Jacob; Jacobean

Jamaika Jamaica; Jamaican

je also; too; so; thus; then; likewise

Jelan Neo New Zeland

jele jelly; frost; frosty; to freeze

jime (enzyme) leaven; to leaven

jo (zoology) animal; to animalize; beast; beastly; logo~ (logo: discourse + jo) zoology; zoological; ~a (jo + a) ass; ~el (jo + el) elephant; elephantine; ~mu (jo + mu) mule; mulish; ~ser (jo + ser (cervulus) deer

jon zone; belt; to girdle

Jordan Jordan

Juan John

jube juvenile; juvenility; young; youth

judi to judge; judgment; to deem; ~ante (judi + ante: before) prejudice; to prejudice; ~filo (judi + filo: friendly) to arbitrate; arbitration

jur (journal) day; daily; ~bel (jur + bel: beautiful) someday; *~bi (jur + bi: second) Monday; ~dis (jur + dis: this) today; *~kuadri (jur + kuadri: fourth) Wednesday; *~kuinti (jur + kuinti: fifth) Thursday; *~sep (jur + sep: seventh) Saturday; *~ses (jur + ses: sixth) Friday; *~tri (jur + tri: third) Tuesday; ~tuta (jur + tuta: all) always; at all times; *~uni (jur + uni: first) Sunday; ⧫ ~dis uni ebdoma today a week; ~ omone the other day; ot ~ mis (ot: of + jur + mis: our) nowadays

jurnal newspaper


kafe coffee

kak how; ⧫ ni es kak? how are you?

kalka calcerous; lime; to lime

kalor caloric; warm; warmly; to warm; hot ~frigo (kalor + frigo: cold) tepid; tepidity; lukewarm; lukewarmly; lukewarmness

Kamerun the Cameroons; Cameronian

Kanada Canada; Canadian

Kanal Sues Suez Canal

kandel candle

kani canine; dog; doggish

kantik canticle; song; to sing

kapila capillary; hair; hairy; to comb ~buka (kapila + buka: mouth) moustache; beard ~kaprin (kapila + kaprin: sheep) wool; woollen ~orni (kapila + orni: bird) feather; feathery

kaprin caprine; goat; sheep

karakter character; to characterize; characteristic; characteristically; essential

kar vehicle; ~auto (kar + auto: self) motor-car; ~elektrik (kar + elektrik: electric) tram; ~porta (kar + porta: carry) truck; lorry

karbon carbonic; carbon; to carbonize; coal

kardi cardiac; heart; ⧫ per ~ by heart; ~rigid (kardi + rigid: hard) cruel; cruelly; cruelty

kargo cargo; to load; loading; responsibility; charge; to entrust

karni to carnify; flesh; fleshy; meat; ~bobi (karni + bobi: ox) beef; ~bobiinfan (karni + bobiinfan: calf) veal; ~kaprin (karni + kaprin: sheep) mutton; ~oleo (karni + oleo: fat) bacon; ~porko (karni + porko: pig) pork

karpa carpal; wrist

kartilaj cartilage; cartilaginous

karto card; map; ~posta (karto + posta: post) postcard

kas case; occasion; occasional; occasionally; to occasion; situation; circumstance; position; ~androfide (kas + androfide: trustee) trusteeship; ~angel (kas + angel: messenger) mission; ~konsul (kas + konsul: consul) consulate; ~minister (kas + minister: minister) ministry; ~roi (kas + roi: king) kingship; ~sefal (kas + sefal: to lead) headship; ~siko (kas + siko: soul) mood; ~uni (kas + uni: to unite) union; unity

kat cat

katarakta waterfall; to fall; falling; to drop; cataract

Kaukas the Caucasus; Caucasian

kaus cause; causal; causally; to cause

kera (keratin) horn; horny

kia what

kila keel; to keel

kimi chemistry; chemical; chemically

klabi (clavicle) key; spanner

klas class; category; categorical; categorically; kind; degree

klepto to steal; stealing; theft

klimat climate; climatic

klos to close; shut; to lock

klor (chlorine) greenish-yellow

kober to cover; covering; to wrap; lid; ~daktil (kober + daktil: finger) nail; hoof; ~dom (kober + dom: house) roof; to roof; ~kalor (kober + kalor: warm) blanket; ~optik (kober + optik: eye) eyelid; ~pod (kober + pod: foot) boot

kok cock; ~gine (kok + gine: female) hen; ~infan (kok + infan: child) chicken

kol (collar) neck; ~besti (kol + besti: clothes) collar; ~brak (kol + brak: arm) wrist

kola (collagen) glue; gluey; to glue; sticky

kolek to collect; collection; to gather; to pick up

koli (melancholia) gall; bile

Kolombia Columbia; Columbian

koloni colony; colonial; to colonize; to settle

Kolose Colossian

komedi comedy; comic; comically

komen to commence; commencement; to begin; initiated; ~noktu (komen + noktu: night) dusk

komision commission; to commission

komite committee; council; mandate; to charge; to commit; *~ Ekonomi e Sosial Economic and Social Council; *~ Kasandrofide Trusteeship Council; *~ Personel Arme Military Staff Committee; *~ Sekur Security Council

komod comfort; comfortable; comfortably; to comfort; convenient; ~ne (komod + ne: not) inconvenient

komon common; commonly; commonness; general; to generalize; universal; usual; vulgar; ~ne (komon + ne: not) special; specially; speciality; to specialize; strange; peculiar

kompara to compare; comparative; comparatively; comparison

kompense to compensate; compensative; compensation; prize; to reward

komple complete; completely; completion; to accomplish; to carry out; to fulfil; to discharge; to achieve; to perform; to bring about; to fill; sufficient; enough; entire; full; perfect; integral; integrity; utterly; ~aer (komple + aer: air) to inflate; inflation; to pump

kompromis to compromise; compromising; compromise

komunika to communicate; communicative; communication

kon with; ~ alegro with pleasure; ~ gardi subject to; ~ inergo suprem to the utmost; ~ kondision na provided that; ~infan (kon + infan: child) pregnant; pregnancy

kondision condition; conditional; conditionally; term; provision

kones (reconnaissance) to know; knowing; knowingly; knowledge; to perceive; to understand; to discern; clear; evidently; ~ben (kones + ben: well) intelligence; intelligent; intelligently; wit; ~ne (kones + ne: not) unknown; unknowingly

konfes to confess; confessed; confessedly; confession

Kongo Congo; Congoese

kongres congress; congressional; assembly; conference

koni cone; conic; conically

konko conch; conchiferous; shell

konser concert; concerted; to concert; agreement; accord; to correspond; correspondently; to concur; to suit; fitting; compact; ~ kon in conformity with; to comply with; in accordance with; according to; ~ne (konser + ne: not) friction; inconsistence; inconsistent; inconsistently

konsul consul; consuler

konta account

konten to contain; containable; container; box; to compose; to comprise; to include; inclusively; ~besti (konten + besti: clothes) trunk; suitcase; ~leter (konten + leter: letter) letter-box; ~ne (konten + ne: not) except; unless; ~sinera (konten + sinera: ash) ash-tray

Koran Koran; Koranic

korda chord; tie; to tie; to bind; ~protekpod shoe-lace; ~bestisub braces; ~fe (korda + fe: iron) wire; wiry; to wire; chain; ~kol (korda + kol: neck) necktie; ~pisi (korda + pisi: fishing) line

Kore Korea; Korean

korek to correct; correctness; correct; correctly; appropriate; suitable; fit; equitable; exact; duly; just so; to mend; ~ne (korek + ne: not) inadequate; inadequately; inadequacy; wrong

Korinto Corinthian; Corinth

koron crown; to crown; coronary; akto~ (akto: act + koron) coronation

korpo corporal; corporally; body; to embody; contingent; ~as (korpo + as) arsenic; arsenical; ~b (korpo + b) boron; ~bro (korpo + bro) bromine; bromic; ~di (korpo + di) dysprosium; ~el (korpo + el) helium; ~ga (korpo + ga) gallium; ~ge (korpo + ge) germanium; ~glu (korpo + glu) glucinium; ~i (korpo + i) iodine; iodic; ~kad (korpo + kad) cadmium; ~klo (korpo + klo) chlorine; ~me (korpo + me) mercucy; mercuric; to mercurialize; ~p (korpo + p) phosphor; phosphorous; ~u (korpo + u) uranium; uranic

Kostarika Costarica; Costarican

koton cotton; cottony

krab crab

krani cranium; cranial; skull

kreat to create; creative; creation

kristal crystal; to crystallize; glass; glassy; ~optik (kristal + optik: see) mirror

Kristo Christ; christian; to christianize; *~eksmorta (Kristo + eksmorta: resuscitate) Easter

kritik to criticize; criticizable; critic; to reprimand; to complain; to condemn; to blame

krom chromium; chromatic; colour; to colour; to dye; ~fas (krom + fas: face) complexion

krus to crucify; cross; to cross

krustas crustacea; crustaceous; shrimp

kuadri four; fourth; squarely; to square; ~deka (kuadri + deka: ten) forty; fortieth; ~ (ora e) kuadrideka kuinti quarter to five

Kuan-Su Kwang-Tze

Kuba Cuba; Cuban

kubi cube; cubic; to cube

kuinti five; fifth; ~ (ora e) unisurbi half past five; ~deka (kuinti + deka: ten) fifty; fiftieth

kulina culinary; to cook; cooking; ~bitem (kulina + bitem: twice) biscuit; ~ne (kulina + ne: not) raw

kultur culture; cultural; to cultivate; to grow

kup cup

kurba curve; to curve; to bend; to fold

kuren current; to flow; to run; running; stream; ~kon (kuren + kon: with) to compete; competitive; competition; ~studi (kuren + studi: study) course

kursi chair; to sit; seated; ~brak (kursi + brak: arm) armchair

kurti courtyard

kusin cousin


laba (lavatory) to wash; washable; washing

labia labial; lip; to labialize; ~filo (labia + filo: love) to kiss; kiss

lak lake; lake-like; pond; pool

lakto lacteous; milk; milky; to milk

lampa lamp; torch; ~sefal (lampa + sefal: head) headlamp

lanse lance; to lance; spear

larin larynx; laryngeal; to swallow

lasera to lacerate; laceration; to tear

latera lateral; laterally; side; flank; beside

leban (levant) high; highly; height; to heighten; to rise; to lift; aloud; to raise; to breed; to bring up; ~auto (leban + auto: self) proud; proudly; pride; ~ne (leban + ne: not) low; lowness; to lower; ~neauto (lebanne + auto: self) humble; humbly; humbleness; to lower onseself; ~sola (leban + sola: sun) sunrise

Leban Lebanon; Lebanese

Lebi Leviticus

lega legal; legally; to legalize; law; statute; commandment; ~basi (lega + basi: basis) charter; to charter; ~grup process; rule; *~tembi (lega + tembi: second time) Deuteronomy

lektur lecture; to lecture; to read; reading

leon lion

lepido (lepidodendron) scale; scaled

leson lesson

let to let; to leave

Lebi Latvia; Latvian

leter letter; literal; literally; ~bel (leter + bel: fine) literary; literarily; literature

leuko (leukocyte) white; whiteness; to whiten

libere to liberate; free; freedom; freely; to save; ~ auto ot to get rid of

Liberi Liberia; Liberian

Libi Libya; Libyan

likuid liquid; to melt

limit limit; limited; limitedly; to limit; to restrict; frontier; border; edge; scope; frame; ~mari (limit + mari: sea) coast; costal; coastwise; to coast; beach; ~optik (limit + optik: sight) horizon; horizontally; ~rut (limit + rut: street) pavement

limno (limnology) marsh; marshy

limon lemon

line line; lineal; to line; row; ~maga (line + maga: great) outline; to outline; sketch; sketchy; ~roi (line + roi: king) dynasty; dynastic

lineum linen

lingua language; lingual; tongue

liri lyre; lyric

lista list; ~fag (lista + fag: eat) menu-card; ~tem (lista + tem: time) timetable

lito (lithography) stone; stony; to stone; Peter; ~dus (lito + dus: smooth) pebble

litre litre

Lituani Lithuania; Lithuanian

lofo (lophodont) crest; crested; tuft

logo (logomachy) to speak; to say; to tell; to mention; to state; statement; word; a logo by the way; incidentally; ~ante (logo + ante: before) to forecast; forecast; ~anti (logo + anti: against) to contradict; contradictory; contradictorily; contradiction; ~bel (logo + bel: nice) to preach; preaching; sermon; ~dio (logo + Dio: God) oracle; oracular; oracularly; ~direk (logo + direk: direct) frank; frankly; frankness; ~fisa (logo + fisa: determine) to affirm; affirmative; affirmatively; affirmation; ~fisare (logofisa + re: again) to reaffirm; reaffirmation; ~futur (logo + futur: future) to prophecy; to foretell; ~leban (logo + leban: loud) to cry; crying; to shout; ~lebanne (logoleban + ne: not) to whisper; whispering; whisperingly; ~maga (logo + maga: great) to exaggerate; exaggeration; ~ne (logo + ne: not) untold; ~presen (logo + presen: introduce) introduction; foreword; preface; prefatory; to preface; ~publik (logo + publik: public) speech; ~re (logo + re: again) to repeat; repeated; repeatedly; repetition; ~rekre (logo + rekre: amuse) to joke; joking; jokingly; ~santa (logo + santa: holy) to swear; swearing; oath; ~seudo (logo + seudo: false) to lie; lie; ~sofi (logo + sofi: wise) saying; proverb; proverbial; proverbially

lokal local; locality; locally; to localize; region; territory

longa long; length; to lengthen; ~ne (longa + ne: not) short; shortly; shortness; to shorten; ~plus ne no longer

Lun Ju Lun Yu

luna lunar; moon; month; monthly; *~bi (luna + bi: second) February; *~deka (luna + deka: tenth) October; *~dekabi (luna + dekabi: twelfth) December; *~dekauni (luna + dekauni: eleventh) November; ~komple full moon; *~kuadri (luna + kuadri: fourth) April; *~kuinti (luna + kuinti: fifth) May; *~nona (luna + nona: ninth) September; *~okta (luna + okta: eighth) August; *~sep (luna + sep: seventh) July; *~ses (luna + ses: sixth) June; *~tri (luna + tri: third) March; *~uni (luna + uni: first) January

Lusembur Luxembourg

lusu luxury; luxurious; luxuriously


Madagaskar Madagascar; Madagascan

maga (megalith) big; bigly; bigness; great; to grow; grown-up; growth; size; to expand; ~tele (maga + tele: very) enormous; enormously; enormity

magnet magnet; magnetical; magnetically; to magnetize

mais maize

Mak Mark

mak to mark; marked; mark

Malai Malaya; Malayan

maner manner; mannerly

mani manual; manually; hand; to handle; to manipulate; ~gardi (mani + gardi: keep) crank; handle; ~klos (mani + klos: shut) fist

mania mania; maniacal; folish; folishly

Mansuri Manchuria; Manchurian

margaret pearl; pearly; Margaret

mari maritime; sea; ~maga (mari + maga: big) ocean; oceanic; *~maga Pasi Pacific Ocean; *~maga Atlantik Atlantic Ocean; *~maga Indi Indian Ocean

marke market; marketable; to market

Marok Morocco; Moroccan

martelo (martelato) hammer; to hammer

masa mass; to mass

Masedoni Macedonia; Macedonian

masima maximum; most

masin machine; machined; engine; apparatus; motor; ~ebuli (masin + ebuli: to boil) boiler; ~graf (masin + graf: write) to type; typewriter; typewritten; ~igni (masin + igni: fire) lightbox; ~kulina (masin + kulina: cook) stove; ~leban (masin + leban: lift) elevator; lift; ~pur (masin + pur: clean) vacuum-cleaner; ~tem (masin + tem: time) watch; clock

mastigo (mastigophora) whip; to whip; rod

mastika to masticate; masticatry; mastication; to chew

masto mast; masted

mater maternal; maternally; mother; ~maga (mater + maga: grand) grandmother

Matiu Matthew

matur mature; maturely; maturity; to mature; ripe; ~ne (matur + ne: not) unripe; unripeness

Mauritani Mauritania

medi middle; centre; centric; centrically; to centralize; mean; ~brak (medi + brak: arm) elbow; to elbow; ~jur (medi + jur: day) noon; midday; ~noktu (medi + noktu: night) midnight

medisin medicine; to medicate; to remedy; to heal; healing; cure; method; methodical; methodically, to methodize; means; measure; step; per medisin nil by no means; per medisin tuta by all means

membran membrane; membranous

memor memory; memorial; recollection; souvenir; to remember; to remind; ~gras (memor + gras: grace) gratitude; grateful; gratefully; ~ne (memor + ne: not) to omit; to forget; forgetful; forgetfulness; ~negras (memorne + gras: grace) ungrateful; ungratefully; ungratefulness

menas to menace; menacing; menace; to threaten; threateningly

mensa (commensal) table; to table

Mensu Mencius

merit to merit; meritorious; meritoriously; merit; to deserve

mero (meroblastic) thigh

Mesiko Mexico; Mexican

meta (metaphysics) beyond

metal metal; metallic; to metallize; ~ag (metal + ag) silver; silvery; silverly; ~ak (metal + ak) actinium; ~al (metal + al) aluminium; ~au (metal + au) gold; golden; ~ba (metal + ba) barium; ~bi (metal + bi) bismuth; ~er (metal + er) erbium; ~eu (metal + eu) europium; ~fa (metal + fa) vanadium; ~fe (metal + fe) iron; ferreous; ~gad (metal + gad) gadolinium; ~gom (metal + gom: elastic) spring; ~ib (metal + ib) ytterbium; ~il (metal + il) yttrium; ~in (metal + in) indium; ~ir (metal + ir) iridium; ~ka (metal + ka) calcium; ~kas (metal + kas) caesium; ~ko (metal + ko) cobalt; cobaltic; ~ku (metal + ku) copper; coppery; to copper; ~kusanto (metalku + santo: yellow) brass; brassy; ~la (metal + la) lanthanum; ~li (metal + lu) lutecium; ~mag (metal + mag) magnesium; ~man (metal + man) manganese; manganesian; ~mo (metal + mo) molybdenum; ~na (metal + na) sodium; ~ni (metal + ni) nickel; nickel-plated; to nickle; ~ol (metal + ol) holmium; ~os (metal + os) osmium; ~pab (metal + pab) lead; leaden; to lead; ~pad (metal + pad) palladium; ~pat (metal + pat) platinum; platinumplated; ~po (metal + po) polonium; ~pot (metal + pot) potassium; ~pra (metal + pra) praseodymium; ~ra (metal + ra) radium; to radiumize; ~ro (metal + ro) rhodium; ~ru (metal + ru) ruthenium; ~rub (metal + rub) rubidium; ~sa (metal + sa) samarium; ~sab (metal + sab) antimony; antimonious; ~san (metal + san) tin; tinny; to tin; ~sar (metal + sar) strontium; ~se (metal + se) selenium; ~ser (metal + ser) cerium; ~si (metal + si) silicium; ~sin (metal + sin) zinc; zincic; to zinc; ~sir (metal + sir) zirconium; ~ska (metal + ska) scandium; ~su (metal + su) sulphur; sulphuric; to sulphurate; ~ta (metal + ta) tantalum; ~tal (metal + tal) thalium; ~te (metal + te) tellurium; ~teb (metal + teb) terbium; ~ti (metal + ti) titanium; ~to (metal + to) thorium; ~tu (metal + tu) thulium; ~tun (metal + tun) tungsten

metri metre; metrical; metrically; to measure; size; dimension; to dimension; ~mil (metri + mil: thousandth) millimetre; ~senti (metri + senti: hundredth) centimetre

mi I; me; ot mi my; mine; ~auto (mi + auto: self) myself

mikro little; littleness; small

mil thousand; thousandth; ~gram (mil + gram: gramme) kilogramme; ~metri (mil + metri: metre) kilometre; kilometric

milion million; millionth; millionaire

minima minimum; least

minister minister; ministerial; ministerially

minta mint

minut minute; minutely

mis we; us; ot mis our; ours; ~auto (mis + auto: self) ourselves

misa to mix; mixed; mixedly; mixture; miscellaneous; to interfere; to meddle; to intervene; to involve

miset (ascomycetes) fungus; fungous

mitin to meet; meeting; assembly; conference; session; Mitin Komon General Assembly

mitra mitre; mitred

mod mode; fashion; fashionable; fashionably; to fashion

modera to moderate; moderateness; moderate; moderately; sober; economical; ~ne (modera + ne: not) to waste; wasteful; wastefully; wastefulness

mok to mock; mocking; mockingly; to laugh at; ironic

moluska mollusc; mussel

Mongoli Mongolia; Mongolian

monta mountain; mountainous; to mountain; ~mikro (monta + mikro: small) hill; hilly

moral moral; morally; morality; to moralize; ~ne (moral + ne: not) unprincipled; immoral; immorality; depraved

moros morose; morosely; moroseness; dull; to dull; tedious

morse (remorse) to bite; bitingly; bite

morta mortal; mortally; death; to die; morta ot to die from; ~idro to drown oneself; to be drowned; drowning

Mosanbik Mozambique; Mozambican

moskit mosquito

mukus mucus; mucous

multi much; many; abundance; abundant; abundantly; to multiply; ~antrop crowd; crowded; to crowd; ~kak as much; ~omo colours; flag; to flag; ~ne (multi + ne: not) a little; a few; ~ne per ~ne little by little; ~ tak so much; ~ tele too much; ~tem (multi + tem: time) often

muni (Sakiamuni) monk; monkish

mura mural; wall; to wall

museum museum

muskul muscular; muscle

muta mutable; mutation; to change; changeably; to exchange; to shift; non-permanent; alteration; modification; replacement; substitution; ~lingua (muta + lingua: language) to translate; translatable; translation; ~ne (muta + ne: not) permanent; permanently; permanence; steadfast; ~usa (muta + usa: usual) to disguise; disguisable; disguising

mutual mutual; mutually; mutuality


na there; over there; thither; which; that

nam name; to appoint; to assign; assignable; to designate; to be called; noun; nominal; ~ben (nam + ben: god) reputation; to repute; reputed; reputedly; renown; ~famili (nam + famili: family) surname; to surname; ~kristo (nam + kristo: christian) Christian name; ~leter (nam + leter: letter) to spell; spelt; spelling

narkot narcotine; narcotic; narcotically; to narcotize

nasion nation; national; nationally; to nationalize; state; country; eks~ (eks: out + nasion) abroad; ~mater (nasion + mater: mother) mother country; ~roi (nasion + roi: king) kingdom; Nasion Uni United Nations (The); Nasion Uni ot Amerika The United States of America

nata natation; natatory; to swim

nato (chaetognatha) jaw

natur nature; natural; naturally; to naturalize; physical; quality; inherent; of course; ~nam adjective; adjectively; ~uni (natur + uni: unique) exclusive; exclusively; exclusiveness

ne no; not; ne... je not even; ne... ne neither... nor; ne ot tuta not at all; ne... plus no more; ne... re not yet

nefelo (nephelometer) cloud; cloudy; cloudily; to cloud

negro negro; negroid; black; blackly; blackness; to blacken

neo new; newly; newness; recent; fresh; lately; ~bi (neo + bi: second) latter

nerfo nerve; nervous; to irritate; angrily; mad

nesesa necessary; necessarily; to necessitate; need; want; lack; essential; ~bibe (nesesa + bibe: drink) thirsty; thirstiness; to thirst; ~fag (nesesa + fag: eat) hunger; hungry; hungrily; to hunger; ~dormi (nesesa + dormi: sleep) sleepy; sleepily; sleepiness

nesia (Indonesia) island; insular; ~komplene (nesia + komplene: incomplete) peninsula; peninsular

nesis (traumatonesis) to spin; spinning

neuma (pneumatic) to blow; blowing

ni you; ot ni your; yours; ~auto (ni + auto: self) yourself

Nikaragua Nicaragua; Nicaraguan

Nijeri Nigeria; Nigerian

Nipon Japan; Japanese

nis you (plural); ot nis your; yours; ~auto (nis + auto: self) yourselves

nobel novel; to novelize

noble noble; nobly; nobleness; to ennoble

nodo nodose; knot; to knot

noktu night; nocturnal; nocturnally; in the evening; ~ bsera last night; ~ dis this evening; tonight; ~ saftra tomorrow evening

nona (nonagenarian) nine; ninth; ~deka ninety; ninetieth

Norue Norway; Norwegian

notari notary; notarial

noto (notochord) back

nul nothing; zero; null; to nullify; none; to erase; to cancel; to empty; abe ~ (abe: have + nul) don't mention it; you are welcome

numer number; numeral; numerally; to number; to calculate; to count; quantity


o oh; or

obar egg; oval; ~disko (obar + disko: dish) fried eggs; ~rigidne (obar + rigidne: soft) soft-boiled eggs

ober overture; to open; opening

objek object; objective; objectively

obliga to oblige; obligatory; obligation; task; duty; function; responsibility; to compel; must; ought to

oblik oblique; obliquely; obliqueness; inclined

obserba to observe; observing; observingly; observation; to notice; to watch

obten to obtain; obtainable; obtainment

odor odour; odorous; smell

ofer to offer; offerable; to propose, proposition

ofris (ophryocystis) brow

okro ochre; ochreous

okta eight; eighth; ~deka (okta + deka: ten) eighty; eightieth

okupa to occupy; occupation; busy; busily; to deal with

Olan Holland; Dutch

oleo oil; oleaginous; to oil; fat; greasy; ~lakto (oleo + lakto: milk) cream; creamy; to cream

olif olive

omo (homogeneous) same; similar; similarly; to resemble; to look like; even; like; equal; ~... inergo as... as possible; ~ne (mo + ne: not) various; variously; to vary; another; different; unequal; other; ~in (omo + in: in) together

Onduras Honduras; Honduran

oniko (onychophora) claw; clawed; to claw

onklo uncle; ~gine (onklo + gine: female) aunt

Onkon Hongkong

onor honour; honourable; honourably; to honour; sincere; ~ne (onor + ne: not) to discredit; discreditable; discreditably; discredit; shame; to be ashamed of; to insult; dishonest

operasion operation; to operate; operating

opres to oppress; oppressive; oppressively; oppression

optik eye; ocular; ocularly; to see; view; look; to behold; ~ante (optik + ante: before) to foresee; foresight; provided; ~omo (optik + omo: similar) to seem; seeming; seemingly; ~pod (optik + pod: foot) ankle; ~pro (optik + pro: for) research; to look for; to seek; ~re (optik + re: again) to revise; revision; revisional; ~tele (optik + tele: far) telescope; telescopic; to telescope

optima optimism; optimistic; optimistically; to hope; hopeful; hopefully; hope; ~ne (optima + ne: not) despair; despairing; despairingly; to despair

ora hour; horary; o'clock

order order; orderly; to order; to command; to array; to ordain; regulation; ~akto (order + akto: act) procedure; to proceed; ~jur (order + jur: day) agenda; ~kon (order + kon: with) coordination; to coordinate; coordinate; coordinately; ~ne (order + ne: not) confusion; to confuse; confused; confusedly; ~usa (order + usa: usage) convention; conventional; conventionally

organ organ; organic; organically; to organize; tool; instrument; ~frit (organ + frit: fry) frying pan; ~kultur (organ + kultur: cultivate) plough; ~leban (organ + leban: raise) jack; lever; ~pende hook; ~plan plane; ~rase (organ + rase: raze) razor; ~sinesip (organ + sine: move + sip: ship) oar; ~stop (organ + stop: stop) brake; ~tomi (organ + tomi: cut) knife; ~trakta (organ + trakta: draw) screw-driver

orgi orgy

orifis orifice; to perforate; hole; hollow; cave

ormon hormone; to excite; exciting; excidetdly; excitation; to stimulate

orni (ornithology) bird; ~kakak (orni + kakak: onomatopoeia) duck; ~negro (orni + negro: black) blackbird

orti (horticulture) garden; to garden

osid oxide; to oxidize; rusty

ospital hospital

osteo (ostelogy) bone; bony; to bone

ostre (ostreiculture) oyster

ot of; ot na thence; ot plus besides; moreover

otel hotel; ~domstudi (otel + domstudi: school) boarding-house; ~simple (otel + simple: simple) inn

oto (otology) ear; auricular; to hear; hearing; to listen; ~arbor (oto + arbor: tree) mushroom; to mushroom


pagi page; paginal; to page

pai to pay; payment; paying; ~ante (pai + ante: before) to advance

pake parcel

paki (pachyderm) thick; thickly; thickness; to thicken; ~ne (paki + ne: not) lean; leanly; thin; thinness; to thin

Pakistan Pakistan

pakto pact; treaty; contract; contractable; to contract

paleo (paleographer) old; oldness; ancient; anciently; ancientness; to age

pali pale; palely; paleness; to pale

pamater (pa: pater + mater: mother) parents; parental

Panama Panama

pandit pundit; learned man; punditic; punditically

pani bread; ~mikro (pani + mikro: small) roll; ~sukar (pani + sukar: sugar) cake

paper paper; papered; to paper; ~bibe (paper + bibe: drink) blotting-paper; ~period (paper + period: period) periodical; ~poli (paper + poli: sell) invoice; to invoice; ~resep (paper + resep: receive) receipt

paragraf paragraph; paragraphically; to paragraph

paralel parallel; paralelly; to parallel; parallelism

parei (pareiasauria) cheek

parti part; partly; to part; ~biblo (parti + biblo: book) chapter; ~fras (parti + fras: sentence) clause; ~komple (parti + komple: complete) complement; complemental; ~multi (parti + multi: much) majority; ~multine (partimulti + ne: not) minority

pas to pass; passable; past; already; to spend (time); to transmit; to hand; passage; ~porto (pas + porto: port) passport

pasi peace; pacific; peacefully; to pacify; ~ne (pasi + ne: not) trouble; troublesome; troublesomely; to trouble; to mind; to worry; to persecute

paso to pace; to go; going; to walk; walking; to stop; ~eks (paso + eks: out) retiring; to go out; departure; ~in (paso + in: in) to enter; entering; to come in; ~kon (paso + kon: with) to accompany; ~peri (paso + peri: about) stroll; strolling; to stroll; walking; ~sub (paso + sub: down) to descend; to alight; alighting; ~sur (paso + sur: up) to ascend; ascent; to go up; ~ teleeks to go away

pastor pastor; pastoral; pastorally; herdsman

parteno (parthenogenesis) virgin; virginally; virginity

pater father; paternal; paternally; ~lega (pater + lega: law) father-in-law; ~ne (pater + ne: not) orphan; to orphan

pato (pathology) sick; ill; pain; painful; painfully; to suffer; to hurt; ~longa (pato + longa: long) pacient; patiently; patience; ~mari (pato + mari: sea) seasickness; to be seasick

pende pendent; to hang; hanging

penelop to weave; weaver

per by; ~dis (per + dis: this) hereby

perdi (perdition) to lose; loss; ~kones (perdi + kones: consciousness) to faint; swoon

perdon to pardon; pardonable; pardonably; pardon; to forgive; ~ mi excuse me; deman ~ to apologize; apology; apologetic; apologetically; mi deman ~ ni I beg your pardon

peri (periscope) around; round; roundly; roundness; to round; about; circle; circular; circularly; to circle; to surround; ~klos (peri + klos: closed) enclosure; ~puni (peri + puni: punish) blockade; to blockade

peril peril; perilous; perilously; to endanger

period period; periodical; periodically; epoch; term; ~ergo; term of office

permit to permit; permissive; permissively; permission; to allow

Persa Persia; Persian

person person; personal; personally; individual; to individualize

personel personnel; staff; ~sip (personel + sip: ship) crew

Peru Peru; Peruvian

petrol petrolium; kerosene; ~pur (petrol + pur: refined) gasoline; petrol

piet piety; pious; piously

pijon pigeon

piment pimento; pepper; peppery; to pepper

pinses pincers; pliers

pipe pipe; piping; to tube; ~fume (pipe + fume: smoke) chimney; ~kuren (pipe + kuren: run) tap

piretik piretik; fever; feverish; to fever

piro (melampyrum) wheat; wheaten

pisi (pisciculture) fish; fishy; to fish

pistaka basket

pitures picture; picturesque; picturesquely; to picture; to paint

plan plan; project; to plan; flat; flatly; smooth; ~ne (plan + ne: not); rough; roughly; roughness; to roughen; ~presen (plan + presen: submit) draft; to draft

planet planet; planetary; to wander; wandering; wanderingly; ~ peri to wander about

planki board; to plank

planta plant; to plant; ~obar (planta + obar: egg) eggplant

plas place; to place; to put; putting; seat; to deposit; square; ~bi (plas + bi: second) secondary; ~bilet (plas + bilet: ticket) booking office; ~geo (plas + geo: landing) pier; ~informa (plas + informa: inform) inquiring office; ~kargo (plas + kargo: cargo) hold; ~laba (plas + laba: wash) lavatory; ~medi (plas + medi: central) seat; head office; ~nul (plas + nul: zero) nowhere; ~omone (plas + omone: other) elsewhere; ~peri (plas + peri: around) environment; ~purne (plas + purne: dirty) blot; ~tuta (plas + tuta: all) everywhere; anywhere; wherever; ~uni (plas + uni: first) most; prime; ~unine (plasuni + ne: ne) least; postetem ~uni at the latest

plasma plasma; plasmatic

pleura rib; chop

plin (plinth) brick; to brick

plubi pluvial; rain; rainy; to rain; ~jele (plubi + jele: frost) hail; to hail

plus plus; more; over; to add; addition; additional; additionally; to augment; to increase; ~ e ~ more and more; ~ o ~ne more or less; ~a (plus + a: to) to annex; annexed; annexation; ~ne (plus + ne: not) less; to diminish; diminishingly; diminution; to substract; to reduce; ~ne e ~ne less and less; ~usa (plus + usa: usual) to extend; extension

pluto (plutocrat) rich; richly; riches; to enrich; wealth; ~ne (pluto + ne: not) poor; poorly; poorness; to impoverish

pod (antipodal) foot

poesi poetry; poetical; poetically; to poetize

pointe point; pointed; to point; to sting; ~geo (pointe + geo: earth) cape

poison poison; poisonous; poisonously; to poison; toxic

pol pole; polar

Polan Poland; Polish

Polantefas (pol + antefas: north) Antarctic

poli (monopoly) to sell; selling; andro~biblo (andropoli + biblo: book) bookseller; ~maga (poli + maga: big) wholesale; ~mikro (poli + mikro: small) retail

politik politics; political; politically; policy

pomad pomade

ponto (pontoon) bridge; to bridge; deck

porko pig; ~fume (porko + fume: smoked) ham

porta (portable) to carry; carrying; to bring; to wear; to move into a new place

portik (portico) door; ~eks (portik + eks: out) exit; ~in (portik + in: in) entrance; ~latera window

porto port; harbour

Porto Riko Puerto Rico; Puerto Rican

Portugal Portugal; Portuguese

poste after; afterwards; behind; backwards; ~dis (poste + dis: this) hereinafter; ~fas (poste + fas: face) south; southern; southward; ~medijur (poste + medijur: noon) afternoon; ~ na; after that; ~saftra (poste + saftra: tomorrow) the day after tomorrow; ~sip (poste + sip: ship) stern; ~tem (poste + tem: time) late; lateness; to delay; in arrears

pot pot; potted; to pot; ~buli (pot + ebuli: boil) kettle; ~kafe (pot + kafe: coffee) coffee pot; ~kulina (pot + kulina: cooking) saucepan; ~samber (pot + samber: room) chamber pot

potam potamic; river

prepara to prepare; preparative; preparatively; preparation; ready; available; inclined; provision

pres to press; pressing; pressingly; pressure; haste; hurry; tight; urgent; enforcement; overbearing; compulsion; ~igni (pres + igni: fire) poker; ~in (pres + in: in) to print; printing; ~ne (pres + ne: not) loose; loosely; looseness; to loosen

presen to present; presence; present; to refer; es in ~ ot to confront with; es~ (es: be + presen) to appear; appearance; ~ben (presen + ben: well) to recommend; recommendatory; recommendation; ~ne (presen + ne: not) absent; absence

pris (surprise) to take; taking; to seize; to catch; to undertake; to adopt; ~forse (pris + forse: force) to conquer; conquest; ~frigo (pris + frigo: cold) to catch cold; ~inter (pris + inter: between) enterprise; enterprising; ~interes (pris + interes: interest) to avail oneself of; ~parti (pris + parti: part) to participate; participative; participation; ~plas (pris + plas: place) to replace; replacement; to succeed; ~re (pris + re: again) to renew; renewal

prisma prism; prismatical; prismatically; saw; to saw

prison to prison; jail

pro for; on behalf of; for the sake of; in order that; ~ kones (pro + kones: know) viz; namely; ~ logo je (pro + logo: say + je: so) as it were; ~multi (pro + multi: much) yet; however; nevertheless; ~na (pro + na: that) therefore; ~nam (pro + nam: noun) pronoun

proba to prove; proven; proof; test

probable probable; probably; probability

problem problem; question; problematic; problematically

proces process; trial; to proceed

produk to produce; productive

profun profound; profoundly; profundity; to deepen; ~ne (profun + ne: not) shallow; shallowness

pronunsi to pronounce; pronouncing; pronunciation

protek to protect; protective; protection; to shelter; ~besti (protek + besti: clothes) cupboard; ~kar (protek + kar: vehicle) hood; ~optik (protek + optik: eye) spectacles; ~pod (protek + pod: foot) shoe; to shoe; ~rotat (protek + rotat: wheel) tyre; ~sok (protek + sok: shock) bumper

protesta to protest; protestation

protokol protocol; State etiquette; etiquette

publik public; to publish; publicity; public; to advertise; official; ~ne (publik + ne: not) private; privately; ~radio to broadcast, broadcasting

pulbe to pulverize; powder; powdery; to grind; ~geo (pulbe + geo: earth) dust; dusty; to dust; ~sereal (pulbe + sereal: cereal) flour; to flour; doughy

pulmo pulmonary; lung

pulsa pulse; pulsatory; to pulsate

puni to punish; punitive; punishment; to condemn

pur pure; purely; pureness; to purify; to clean; ~larin (pur + larin: larynx) cough; to cough; ~ne (pur + ne: not) dirty; dirtily; dirtiness; to dirt; impurity; to soil

pus pus; purulent


radio radio

rafido (raphides) needle

rakta (cataract) to break; breaking; to burst; to interrupt; interruptedly; to violate; to crush; crushing; to breach; severance; puncture; ~fagne (rakta + fagne: fast) breakfast; to breakfast

ramo ramose; branch; to branch

ran frog

ras race; racial; stock

rase (raze) to shave; shaving

rat rat; mouse; to mouse

re again; still; yet; back

reflek to reflect; reflecting; reflection

rekre to recreate; recreative; recreation; to play; amusement; amusingly; ~auto (rekre + auto: self) to amuse oneself; ~dibina (rekre + dibina: guess) to bet; bet; ~dola (rekre + dola: money) to gamble; gambling

relasion relation; relative; relatively; to relate; connection; ~graf (relasion+ graf: write) to correspond; correspondence

ren renal; kidney

repos to rest; rest; to repose

reptil reptile; to creep; creeping; creepingly; to crawl

republik republic; republican; Republik Afrika Postefas South African Republic

resep reception; to receive; received

reson reason; reasonable; reasonably; to reason; sensible; ~basi (reson + basi: basis) principle; principled; ~ne (reson + ne: not) stubborn; stubbornly; stubbornness; to be obstinately resolved

respek respect; respectful; respectfully; to respect; respective; venerable; to concern; to regard; ~auto (respek + auto: self) dignity; dignified; ~ dis in this regard; ~ne (respek + ne: not) irrespective; irrespectively; contempt; to despise; regardless

respira respiration; respiratory; to respire; to breathe; ~longa (respira + longa: long) sigh; to sigh

respon to respond; answer; to replay; ~pro (respon + pro: for) to solve; solution; solvable

responsab responsible; responsability

resta rest; to remain; remainder; remaining; to stay; ~ sur to stand on; to lean against

restrik to restrict; restrictive; restrictively; restriction; limit

resurse resource; resourceful

rigid rigid; rigidly; rigidity; severe; hard; scarcely; ~auto (rigid + auto: self) austere; austerely; austerity; ~ne (rigid + ne: not) soft; to soften; supple; tender

rime rhyme; to rhyme

ritmi rhythm; rhythmical

rinko (rhynchobdellida) bill; to bill

rino (rhinology) nose; to smell

Rio Oro Rio de Oro

risa (mycorrhiza) root; rooted; to root

risi risible; to laugh; laughing; laughingly; ridiculous; ~sub (risi + sub: under) to smile; smiling; smilingly; smile

riso rice

Rodesi Rhodesia; Rhodesian

roi royal; king; royally

rok rock; rocky

Roma Rome; Roman

ros rose; rosy; pink

rosti roast; roasting; to roast

rotat to rotate; rotatory; wheel; wheeled; to wheel; to roll; to wind; ~denti (rotat + denti: tooth) gear; ~direk (rotat + direk: drive) steering wheel; ~re (rotat + re: again) to wind up

ruj (rouge) red; to redden

Rumani Rumania; Rumanian

Rusi Russia; Russian

rut route; road; way; street; ~fe (rut + fe: iron) railway; ~krus (rut + krus: cross) crossroads; ~mikro (rut + mikro: small) path; lane


sabre sabre; to sabre; sword

saftra tomorrow; ~saftra (poste: after + saftra) the day after tomorrow

sako sack; bag; to bag; ~besti (sako + besti: clothes) pocket; to pocket; ~idro (sako + idro: water) bladder; bladdery; ~mani (sako + mani: hand) handbag

sal salt; salty; to salt

salad salad

salari salary; salaried; to salary; wages

Salbador Salvador; Salvadoran

salut to salute; to greet; greeting; farewell; good-bye; good day; good evening; good morning; good night

Sam Psalms

samber chamber; to chamber; room; ~aer (samber + aer: air) inner tube; ~bagaj (samber + bagaj: baggage) cloakroom (station); ~bagon (samber + bagon: wagon) compartment; ~bane (samber + bane: bath) bath-room; ~besti (samber + besti: clothes) cloakroom; ~dormi (samber + dormi: sleep) bedroom; ~espek (samber + espek: wait) waiting-room; ~fag (samber + fag: eat) dining room; ~kulina (samber + kulina: cook) kitchen; ~resep (samber + resep: reception) reception room; ~sip (samber + sip: ship) cabin; ~urban (samber + urban: town) tow hall

samis shirt; chemise; to shirt

samo (psammophis) sand; sandy; to sand

sani sanitary; healthy; sound; health; healthily; sani ni your health

San Fransisko San Francisco

santa holy; holily; holiness; to sanctify

santo (xanthophyll) yellow; yellowness; to yellow

sapon soap; soapy; to soap

saus sauce; to sauce

Sbenska Sweden; Swedish

sed but

sefal cephalic; head; to head; headlong; to conduct; to guide; to manage; lord; chief; summit; president; sovereing; ~domstop (sefal + domstop: station) station master; ~monta (sefal + monta: mountain) pike; ~samber (sefal + samber: room) ceiling; to ceil; ~sip (sefal + sip: ship) captain

sek to check; checking; to control; to subdue; suppressive; supervision; disposal

Seko-Slobaki Czecho-Slovakia; Czecho-Slovakian

sekret secret; discreet; discreetly; to conceal; to hide; to dissimulate

sekretar secretary; clerk

sekuen sequent; to follow; following; ensuing; to imitate; to obey; to pursue; in puruist of; next; accordingly; subsequently

sekun second (time)

sekur secure; securely; security; to secure; to insure; sure; safe; to preserve; to safeguard; certainly; ~auto ot (sekur + auto: self + ot: of) to make sure of

sel celestial; celestially; sky; heaven

selek to select; selected; selectedly; selection; choice; to prefer; to elect; to recruit; to adopt; rather; ~re (selek + re: again) to reelect; reelection

selu cellular; cell

Senegal Senegal; Senegalese

senti hundred; hundredth; ~anu (senti + anu: year) century; ~gram (senti + gram: gramme) hectogram; ~litre (senti + litre: litre) hectolitre; ~metri (senti + metri: metre) hectometre

senti sentiment; sentimental; sentimentally; sensation; feeling; to tough; to move; ~belo (senti + belo: quick) sensitive; sensitively; sensitiveness; to sensitize; ~anti antipathy; antipathetic; antipathetically; to resent; ~kon (senti + kon: with) to sympathize; sympathy; sympathetic; sympathetically; ~morta (senti + morta: dead) to mourn; mournful; mournfully; mourning

sep (septangular) seven; seventh; ~deka (sep + deka: ten) seventy; seventieth

separa to separate; separation; separate; separately; to sunder; to split

septik septic; putrefactive; putrefaction; to putrefy

seram ceramics; ceramic

serbis to serve; service

serebra cerebral; brain; to brain

seri series

serius serious; seriously; seriousness; to aggravate; solemn

serpen snake

serum serum

ses (sexangular) six; sixth; ~deka (ses + deka: ten) sixty; sixtieth

sesion cession; cessionary; to cede; to yield; submission; submissively

seson season; seasonable; to season; ~bi (seson + bi: second) summer; to summer; estival; ~kuadri (seson + kuadri: fourth) winter; wintry; to winter; ~tri (seson + tri: third) autumn; autumnal; ~uni (seson + uni: first) spring; springlike; vernal

sesu sex; sexual

setase (cetacea) whale

seudo pseudo; false; falsely; falsity; to falsify

si if; whether

Siberi Siberia; Siberian

siense science; scientific; scientifically; ~natur (siense + natur: nature) physics

siga cigar; ~mikro (siga + mikro: small) cigarette

signa to sign; signal; signally; signal; ~signa (akto: act + signa) signature; ~ante (signa + ante: before) omen; to augur; augural

signifi to signify; signification; significative; significatively; semantics; meaning; sense; to define

sigo (zygomorphic) yoke; to yoke

siko (psychology) soul; spirit; spiritual; spiritually; to spiritualize

Silan Ceylon; Ceylonese

silbi sylvan; forest; forested; wild

Sili Chile; Chilian

silinder cylinder; cylindrical

silka silk; silky

simbal cymbal

simple simple; simply; simplicity; to simplify; ~eks (simple + eks: out) ingenuous; ingenuously; ingenuity; ~ne (simple + ne: not) to complicate; complication; complicated; complexly

Sina China; Chinese

sine cinema; movies; to move; moving; movably; mobile; ~ante (sine + ante: before) to push; to impulse; impulsive; impulsively; impulsion; ~eks (sine + eks: out) to remove; removal; ~mari (sine + mari: sea) tide; tidal; ~mari leban high tide; ~mari

lebanne low tide; ~ne (sine + ne: not) static; statics; ~peri (sine + peri: round) to revolve; revolving; revolution; ~sip (sine + sip: ship) to row

sinera to incinerate; ash

sip ship; to ship; boat; ~aer (sip + aer) aeroplane; to emplane; airplane; ~trakta (sip + trakta: tug) tugboat

Siri Syria; Syrian

sirin syringe; to syringe

siso scissors

sistem system; systematic; systematically; to systematize; theory; ~fide (sistem + fide: faith) religion; religious; religiously; *~indi (sistem + Indi: India) Hinduism; to Hinduize; *~jaini (sistem + Jaini: Jaina) Jainism; Jaina; *~joroastre (sistem + Joroastre: Zoroaster) Zoroastrianism; Zoroastrian; *~juda (sistem + Juda: Jew) Judaism; Judaist; to Judaize; *~konfusu (sistem + Konfusu: Confucius) Confucianism; Confucian; *~kristo Christianity; Christian; to Christianize; ~lega (sistem + lega: law) constitution; constitutionally; *~moamed (sistem + Moamed: Mohammed) Islam; Mohammedanism; Mohammedan; to Mohammedanize; *~sik (Sistem + Sik: Sikh) Sikhism; Sikh; *~sinto (sistem + Sinto: Shinto) Shintoism; Shintoist; *~tao (sistem + Tao: Tao) Taoism; Taoist

sita citation; to cite; to quote; quotable

skala scale; ladder; ~strata (skala + strata: floor) staircase

skelo (isosceles) leg

skia (skiagraphy) shadow; shadowy; to shadow

skola school

skorpio scorpion

Skotlan Scotland; Scottish

Sobiet Soviet

soda sodawater

sofi (philosophy) wise; wisely; wisdom; sage; ~ne (sofi + ne: not) silly; sillily; silliness; idiot

sok shock; shocking; shockingly; to shock

sola solar; sun; sunny; to sun

Somaly Somaliland; Somali

sosial social; socially; society; to associate; to socialize; sistem~ (sistem: theory + sosial) socialism; socialist

spasi space; spatial; spatially; to space

spasmo spasm; spasmodic; convulsion; convulsively

spatul spatula; spatulate; ~fag (spatul + fag: eat) spoon

sperma sperm; spermatic; germ; to germinate; seed; sow

spina spine; spinal

splen spleen; splenetic

sponje sponge; spongy; to sponge

sporti sport; sporting

spumi spumous; to spume; foam

stek steak

stela stellar; star; starry; to star

steno (stenography) narrow; narrowly; narrowness; to narrow; ~ne (steno + ne: not) broad; broadly; broadness; to broaden; width

stereo (stereoscope) solid; solidly; solidity; to solidify

steto (stethoscope) chest

stof stuff; material; materially; to materialize; matter; substance; thing; ~akto (stof + akto: act) activity; ~api (stof + api: bee) wax; waxy; to wax; ~arbor (stof + arbor: wood) furniture; to furnish; ~arme (stof + arme: army) arm; weapon; ~besti (stof + besti: clothes) cloth; ~bibe (stof + bibe: drink) beverage; ~bio (stof + bio: living) being; creature; ~don (stof + don: give) present; gift; ~dormi (stof + dormi: sleep) bed; ~eskaba (stof + eskaba: dig) spade; hoe; ~gardi (stof + gardi: keep) vessel; ~graf (stof + graf: write) pen; ~grafauto (stofgraf + auto: self) fountain pen; ~grafkalka (stofgraf + kalka: lime) chalk; ~grafpab (stofgraf + pab: lead) pencil; ~igni (stof + igni: fire) match; ~klos (stof + klos: shut) lock; ~komen (stof + komen: start) starter; ~fisa (stof + fisa: fix) screw; nail; pin; ~kapila (stof + kapila: comb) comb; ~posta (stof + posta: post) mail; ~rekre (stof + rekre: amuse) toy; toyish; ~mikro (stof + mikro: small) detail; to detail; ~oleo (stof + oleo: oil) fat; to fat; ~suip (stof + suip: sweep) broom; ~trakta (stof + trakta: draw) drawer; ~unine (stof + unine: split) wedge

stok stock; to stock

stop to stop; stopping; suspended; to arrest; to interrupt; to cease; to station; ~aer (stop + aer: air) to choke; choky; choking; ~botel (stop + botel: bottle) cork; stopple; ~ergo (stop + ergo: work) to go on strike; strike; ~foto (stop + foto: light) blind; ~ne (stop + ne: not) to continue; continual; continually; continuation; persistent; ~optik (stop + optik: sight) curtain; to curtain

strata stratum; floor; to floor; story; ~geo (strata + geo: earth) ground floor

stratego strategy; strategic; strategically; officer (army); to officer; ~bi (stratego + bi: second) lieutenant; ~kuadri (stratego + kuadri: fourth) major; ~kuinti (stratego + kuinti: fifth) colonel; ~kuinti-futur lieutenant-colonel; ~okta (stratego + okta: eighth) general; ~sep (stratego + sep: seventh) lieutenant-general; ~ses (stratego + ses: sixth) major-general; ~tri (stratego + tri: third) captain; ~uni (stratego + uni: first) sublieutenant

strepto (streptococcus) to twist; twisted; twisting

strobo (stroboscope) whirl; to whirl

Su Kin Shu King

sub underneath; downwards; below; inferior; fall (of price); in virtue of; ~buka (sub + buka: mouth) chin; ~geo (sub + geo: earth) basement; ~line (sub + line: line) to underline; underlining; to emphasize; emphasis; emphatic; emphatically; ~skala (sub + skala: stairs) downstairs; ~tarif (sub + tarif: price) cheap; cheaply; cheapness; to cheapen

Sudan Sudan; Sudanese

suip to sweep; sweeping

Suis Swiss; Switzerland

suje subject; subjective; subjectively

sukar sugar; sugary; to sugar; ~api (sukar + api: bee) honey; honeyed; to honey

sulfur sulphur; sulphurous; to sulphurate

suma sum (of money); amount; to amount

sup soup

superior superior; superiority; to exceed

suporta to support; supportable; supportably; support; to bear; ~oto (suporta + oto: ear) pillow; cushion; cushioned; to cushion

suprem supreme; supremely; supremacy; paramount

sur upwards; up; on; on top; above; ~a (sur + a: to) till; until; ~agri (sur + agri: field) immediately; as soon as; at once; ~antrop (sur + antrop: man) superhuman; ~optik (sur + optik: eye) eyebrow; ~pod (sur + pod: foot) to stand; standing; ~pris (sur + pris: take) surprise; surprising; surprisingly; to surprise; to marvel; to wonder; astonished

~strata (sur + strata: floor) upstairs; ~tarif (sur + tarif: price) expensive; expensively; expensiveness; dear; ~tuta (sur + tuta: all) above all; chiefly


tabako tobacco

Tailan Thailand; Siamese

tak such; so; ~... ~ so so

takti tactile; touch; to touch; ~filo (takti + filo: love) to caress; caress; ~forse (takti + forse: strongly) to rub; rub; to scratch; ~kon (takti + kon: with) contact; switch; ~ne (takti + ne: not) intact

tapes tapestry; tapestried; to tapestry; carpet; rug

tarif price; to price; cost

tasa tax; to tax; tribute; revenue; custom

tasi taxi-cab

tauma (thaumaturgy) wonder; wonderful; wonderfully; miracle

te tea

teatri theatre; theatrical; theatrically

tekni technics; technical; technically; art; ~ben (tekni + ben: well) clever; cleverly; cleverness; ~desep (tekni + desep: cheat) cunning; cunningly; cunningness

tele (telepathy) far; distance; distant; distantly; to distance; very; ~ne (tele + ne: not) close; closely; closeness; to approach; near; ~plus (tele + plus: more) further; to further; furtherance; to consolidate

telo (thelitis) nipple

tem time; to time; weather; ~ na at that time; ~ omo at the same time; ~ es kia? what is the time? es kuinti (ora) it is five o'clock; es uni (ora) it is one o'clock; uni ora e unisurbi an hour and a half; in ~ in time; ot ~ na ante from that time on; ot ~ a ~ from time to time; now and then; ~bio (tem + bio: life) age; *~bio Medi Middle Ages; ~dis (tem + dis: this) just; present now; at present; ot ~dis ante henceforth; ~fag (tem + fag: eat) meal; ~fag medijur (temfag + medijur: noon) lunch; ~fagnoktu (temfag + noktu: night) supper; dinner; ~kia (tem + kia: what) when; ~longane (tem + logane: short) temporary; temporarily; temporariness; transitory; provisional; ~multi (tem + multi: many) often; repeatedly; ~multine (temmulti + ne: not) seldom; seldomnes; rarely; ~paleo (tem + paleo: old) antique; antiquity; formerly; ~sekuen (tem + sekuen: follow) to postpone; postponement; to adjourn; ~peril (tem + peril: danger) crisis; critical; critically; ~tuta (tem + tuta: all) whenever; at any time; ever

tempe temple (anatomy)

terna (litopterna) heel; to heel

tero (helicopter) wing; wingy; to fly; ~pisi (tero + pisi: fish) fin; finlike

Tesaloni Thessalonian

testu textual; textually; text

Tibet Tibet; Tibetan

Timote Timothy

tipi type; typical; typically; to typify; sample; model; example; standard; pattern; pro ~ for instance

tir (butyric) cheese; cheesy

tiran tyrant; tyrannical; tyrannically; to tyrannize

tolera to tolerate; tolerable; tolerably; tolerance

tomi (anatomy) to cut; cutting; ~ben (tomi + ben: well) sharp; sharpness; to sharpen; ~benne (tomiben + ne: not) blunt; bluntly; bluntness; to blunt

trakta traction; tractive; to treat; to pull; to draw; to tug; to attract; attractively; ~auto (trakta + auto: self) to withdraw; withdrawal; to retire; retiring; ~kon (trakta + kon: with) to negotiate; negotiation; negotiable; ~eks (trakta + eks: out) to pull out; ~stop (trakta + stop: stop) corkscrew

trankuil tranquil; tranquilly; tranquillity; to tranquillize; quiet; es ~ be quiet; ~ne (trankuil + ne: not) uneasy; uneasiness; anxious; anxiously; to worry

transpira transpiration; to transpire; to sweat; sweat

trauma traumatic; to wound; wounded

tremolo tremolo; to tremble; trembling; shaken

tren train; ~ belo fast train; tren ~ne slow train

tri (triple) three; third; ~deka thirty; thirtieth; ~tem (tri + tem: time) thrice

triomfa triumph; triumphant; triumphantly; to triumph; victory; to defeat

tronka trunk; stem

trompet trumpet

tumor tumour; tumoured; pimple

Tunisi Tunisia; Tunisian

ture tower; towery

turis touristic; journey; to travel; travelling; ~ ben good spead; ~santa (turis + santa: holy) pilgrimage

Turkestan Turkestan

Turki Turkey; Turkish

turni to turn; turning; ~eks (turni + eks: out) to deviate; deviation; ~sur (turni + sur: over) to upset; upset

tuta total; totally; totality; to totalize; all; ~ separa each


Ukrain Ukraine; Ukrainian

ultim ultimate; ultimately; last; lastly

umid humid; damp; dampness; to wet; ~ne (umid + ne: not) dry; dryly; dryness; to dry

undula to undulate; undulating; wave

Ungari Hungary; Hungarian

uni one; first; each; alone; to meet; to unite; combined; ~ omone one another; ~ne (uni + ne: not) to separate; separately; to split; to scatter; ~ne ot to diverge from; divergent; divergency; ~pod (uni + pod: foot) limping; limpingly; to limp; ~rut (uni + rut: way) one way; ~surbi (uni + sur: over + bi: two) half; ~surbi ora half an hour; ~surkuadri (uni + sur: over + kuadri: four) quarter; ~surkuinti (uni + sur: over + kuinti: five) one fifth; ~tem (uni + tem: time) once

ura (anura) tail; tailed

urban urban; to urbanize; town; townish; townward; ~agri (urban + agri: country) village

urin urine; urinary; to urinate

Uruguai Uruguay; Uruguayan

usa to use; useful; usefully; usefulness; to employ; to accustom; regular; custom; abe ~ ot to wont to; ~auto (usa + auto: self) to accustom oneself to; ~benne (usa + benne: bad) to abuse; abusive; abusively; abuse; ~dola (usa + dola: money) to spend; expense; ~komple (usa + komple: complete) to exploit; exploitable; exploitation; ~ne (usa + ne: not) useless; uselessly; uselessness; in vain; ~pai (usa + pai: pay) to hire; hiring; hired; to rent; to let

Utaradiaiana Uttaradhyayana

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